Some Effective Vocal Cords and Throat Treatments

Most of the vocal cord and throat related disorders occurs due to persistent use or abuse by the people. Using vocal cords for screaming, shouting or excessive speaking without giving proper time of rest induces a trauma like state on it and gives birth to various voice related disorders. For the Vocal cords and throat treatments doctors usually delay using any kind of surgery and advises for giving considerable rest to the already abused vocal cords and initiates speech therapy.

Some of the Common Vocal Cord Disorders

  • Vocal Cord Nodules

Nodules are the thickenings or callousness which forms on the vocal cords due to vocal trauma induced by the personwithout giving proper periods of rests to the vocal cords. This generally occurs in pairs in which one nodule occurs on each of the vocal cord. These are known as singer’s or teacher’s nodules. Treatment of vocal cord nodules requires surgical removal.

  • Vocal Cord Polyps

ENT_vocal_cord_problemsLong term exposure to the irritants such as chemical fumes or even cigarette smoke causes development of polyps on the vocal cords. Polyps are small soft growths which usually appears alone on a vocal cord. It is also caused by vocal abuse complimented with lesser amount of rest period. Treatment of the polyps also requires surgical removal.

  • Contact Ulcers

These occur in form of erosions and sores on the vocal cords. People who tend to use too much force in speaking in achieving louder voice on continuous basis develop contact ulcers. It is mostly affects the people who are public speakers. Treatment of ulcer also requires surgical removal if doesn’t disappears from voice rest or therapy.

Vocal Cord Paralysis: Extreme and Dangerous

It is also known as vocalfold paralysis which may be caused due to injury to the head, neck or chest. In some cases due to lung or thyroid cancer, formation of tumors of the skull base, neck or chest as well through viral infection.

In this case either one or both of the vocal cords doesn’t open or close properly. They appear to perform unnaturally due to the paralysis.

Its symptoms are considerable changes in the voice such as breathy voice or hoarseness, difficulties related to breathing, swallowing problems as well as significant changes in voice quality, pitch and volume.

After first diagnosis people naturally recover their voice within a stipulated period of time. Otherwise doctors use the most treatment of voice therapy or surgery

Vocal Cords And Throat Treatments

Doctors usually implements two main treatments for various vocal cord disorders at the beginning. In order to provide short term relief patients are advised to talk less or whisper for a couple of days. Otherwise they are made to learn proper way of speaking in order avoid straining on the vocal cords. Doctors use the surgical removal at last when these methods fail.